Whiteglove Home Inspection is a business that I started and founded based on principles and values I believe in; honesty, integrity, hard work and dedication to quality. I worked for a Fortune 500 company for several years, prior to this career. Started on the ground floor as a part timer and worked up to management. The job wasn’t one that I selected, it kind of selected me. So after almost 20 years with that company I decided to take the tools I learned from that career and others to start a business or career that I selected. What a difference life makes when you do something you chose to do rather than the other way around.

This career has been challenging and I have enjoyed the challenges and the advantages of running my own business. Its hard to keep up with todays ever changing technology and building practices. As an inspector we need to have 40 hours of continuing education credits every other year, or 20 hours a year. I attend national home inspectors conferences every year, usually in the winter when its a little slower. I love to attend, not only for the educational credits but for the chance to talk to other dedicated professionals like me who have the same worries/challenges and to hear how they have resolved or are working to resolve. Personal growth is as important to me as if should be to you in choosing an inspector.

I am the only employee at Whiteglove Home Inspection. Sometimes that can be demanding but I have no interest in growing to the point of taking on more inspectors. I am content in having enough work for myself, that way I can cater to the needs of my customer personally. When you call or text my cell number you reach ME! Not an answering service or someone else who doesn’t even know the inspection business. At times when I am busy it may take me a bit to get back to you, but I will always return your call the same day I receive it. Todays social media makes it easier to communicate as well. I appreciate your patience in getting in touch with me, I believe it is worth it for the personal service I provide.

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