Jim will provide you the information you need to feel good about selling your home, assessing your property or
trying to figure out if your dream home or flip is worth the investment.

What do you need inspected? Check out all the home inspection services
provided below. Give Jim a call at 262-939-0824 today.

cracked foundation

External, Foundation, Flooring

Is your house on solid footing,
weather proof and safe?

Roof, Attic, Ventilation

Do you need to worry about leaks
or proper air flow?

Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances

Is it time to update the inner workings of
your home so it’s worry-free?

Heating and Cooling

Is anything leading to you feeling way
too hot or way too cold?

Walls and Ceilings

How much patchwork or restructuring
do you require?

Garage and Driveway

Is your garage stable and is your driveway
free of pothole potential?

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